Tony’s Clam Shop has been a thriving business along Wollaston Beach since 1964. Family owned, for what is now over 57 years, the Kandalaft family has been happily serving thousands of patrons from all over. Tony, the founder, still maintains his presence and is actively involved in the day-to-day operations.

From its humble beginnings as a walk-up / take-out stand, to its current indoor greenhouse and outdoor patio, our restaurant can now seat over 100 customers. With its premier location along historic Wollaston Beach, the casual atmosphere and breath-taking views make Tony’s the perfect dining out experience for the entire family.
Tony and his sons Roy and Gary
Kandalaft Family with Sandcastle
In addition to our exceptional food, Tony’s is also a responsible and environmentally conscious corporate citizen. As a proud sponsor of numerous charitable events (Tony’s Clam Scram (road race), Sand Castle contests, and the annual Wollaston Beach Volleyball Tournament) and providing employment for countless students, Tony’s has an established position in the community.
In its 50+ years, Tony’s has enjoyed a loyal following of both customers and employees. Alongside family owners, Roy, Gary, and Karen, many of our staff, including manager Shawn (who has been with Tony’s for over 20 years), await your patronage and are eager to serve you.
Employee party

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tarter sauce
Slide Kids Gary's Kids
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Celebrating our 57th Year of Business!

Visit us at Tony’s today and enjoy our delicious food and relaxing atmosphere.
You’re family.